by Jonathan HoggLaura Balderstone
Contributors: Zoe AlkerAnna Bocking-WelchAlexandrina BuchananDana BultmanJessica DouthwaiteMarianna DudleyKathryn DuttonMartin HealeDeana HeathRichard HuzzeyKyle JacksonKate MarshGraeme J. MilneAngel O’DonnellChris PearsonAndrew ReddenMichael RobinsonLeon RochaSiobhan TalbottMark TowseyEmily TraffordKayleigh WallLucy WilliamsHarry Wood

Using Primary Sources is an Open Access e-textbook comprising 20 chapters and over 150 original documents, supporting history students and teachers in the study of primary sources. Edited by Dr. Jonathan Hogg and Dr. Laura Balderstone at the University of Liverpool and published by Liverpool University Press and the University of Liverpool Library in partnership with JISC.

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Using Primary Sources is an Open Access teaching and study resource that combines rare archival source materials with high quality peer-reviewed chapters by leading academics. Covering major themes within the medieval, early modern and modern periods, this easy to access e-textbook provides students with the opportunity to examine rare and original material in detail on their computer, tablet or phone as well as learn how they can integrate the source material in their own written work. With more themes in development, Using Primary Sources will continue to grow, providing students and teachers in the humanities with an invaluable free resource for students on how to use primary source material in their studies.

What do students think? "I’d never previously considered something like a river as a historical artefact! But this resource has allowed me to revisit and absorb new theoretical approaches without having to wade through pages of historiographical jargon, which can be overwhelming." Harry Roberts, University of Liverpool

Medieval & Early Modern

Popular Religion chapter | Popular Religion resource collection by Dr Martin Heale, University of Liverpool
Secular Power chapter | Secular Power resource collection by Dr Kathryn Dutton, University of Manchester
India, Colonialism and ‘Anti-colonialism’ chapter | India, Colonialism and ‘Anti-colonialism’ resource collection by Professor Kate Marsh, University of Liverpool
Ideas chapter | Ideas resource collection by Professor Mark Towsey, University of Liverpool
Trade and Commerce chapter | Trade and Commerce resource collection by Dr Siobhan Talbott, University of Keele
Social Class chapter | Social Class resource collection by Professor Dana Bultman, University of Georgia
Identity chapter | Identity resource collection by Dr Angel O’Donnell, King's College London
Architecture chapter | Architecture resource collection by Dr Alexandrina Buchanan, University of Liverpool
Gods, Spirits, People chapter | Gods, Spirits, People resource collection by Dr Andrew Redden and Dr Kyle Jackson, University of Liverpool


Memory chapter | Memory resource collection by Dr Jessica Douthwaite and Dr Jonathan Hogg, University of Liverpool
Environment chapter | Environment resource collection by Dr Marianna Dudley, University of Bristol, and Dr Chris Pearson, University of Liverpool
Business History chapter | Business History resource collection by Dr Graeme J. Milne, University of Liverpool
Non-Governmental Organisations and Voluntary Action chapter | Non-Governmental Organisations and Voluntary Action resource collection by Dr Anna Bocking-Welch, University of Liverpool
Crime History chapter | Crime resource collection by Dr Zoe Alker and Dr Lucy Williams, University of Liverpool
Conflict and Violence chapter | Conflict and Violence resource collection by Dr Harry Wood, University of Liverpool
Mental Health chapter | Mental Health resource collection by Dr Michael Robinson, University of Liverpool Race and Ethnicity chapter | Race and Ethnicity resource collection by Dr Emily Trafford, University of Liverpool
Global Histories of Health and Medicine chapter | Global Histories of Health and Medicine resource collection by Dr Leon Rocha and Dr Kayleigh Wall, University of Liverpool
Politics and Political Culture chapter | Politics and Political Culture resource collection by Dr Richard Huzzey, Durham University
Colonial Violence chapter | Colonial Violence resource collection by Dr Deana Heath, University of Liverpool


Medieval & Early Modern


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