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Physical description: On parchment. iii + 103 + iv leaves, 260 x 200 mm. Frame ruling.

Contents: A-text of Prologue to XI, 313; C-text of the remainder; with two adjacent leaves of glossed text of Ezekiel, mid-13th century, used as pastedowns.

Decoration: Initials: f.1 3-line gold with violet; 3-line blue with red.

Binding: 18th century.

Provenance 1500-1600: 16th century reader's marginal paraphrases.

Provenance: 1500-1600: Isabell poniell, p.11.

Provenance 1500-1600: possible former pastedown with owneraship inscription of Mr. John Denham (p.208).

Provenance 1600-1655: Inscriptions by Walter Stonehouse (1597-1655): Walt. Stonehouse Pre 10s' f.1 and note on p.202.

Provenance 1700-1800: Armorial bookplate of Sir William Horton, 1st Baronet (1712–1774): Sr William Horton Bart Chaderton (created 1764).

Provenance 1944-1944: The gift of Clara Hornby, 1944. Correspondence in Liverpool University Archive D1086/4/6 relates to its purchase from Bernard Quaritch, Ltd. 1944.

Published citations: Grattan, J.H.G. (1947), 'The text of Piers Plowman: a newly-discovered manuscript and its affinities', Modern Languages Review. Vol.42, pages 1-8.

Kane, G. (1960), Piers Plowman: the A version, pages 2-3, and passim.

Published descriptions: Ker, N.R. (1983), Medieval manuscripts in British libraries (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983)

Mooney, Linne, Simon Horobin, and Estelle Stubbs. Late Medieval English Scribes, ISBN 978-0-9557876-6-9 [retrieved 4 February 2020]


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