Figure 3. The Querelle as a Dynamic Network of Texts

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The interactive dynamic network visualisation of the Querelle des collèges, shown as a network of texts that make reference to one another.

To view this in full-screen, visit:

Alternative visualisations of the same network data exist, and these can shape what we see and don't see in the network: put simply, visualisation affects interpretation. We should not therefore understand one visualisation as 'the' visual manifestation of a network. For just two alternative visualisations of this same network, see:



Network made using R packages developed by:

Statnet Development Team (Pavel N. Krivitsky, Mark S. Handcock, David R. Hunter, Carter T. Butts, Chad Klumb, Steven M. Goodreau, and Martina Morris) (2003-2022). statnet: Software tools for the Statistical Modeling of Network Data. URL

Skye Bender-deMoll (2022). ndtv: Network Dynamic Temporal Visualizations. R package version 0.13.0.


Click on a node to display its label, in the format 'Author (Date)', unless the text is anonymous in which case the format is 'Short Title (Date)'.

Click on a tie to display a label showing the sender- and receiver-texts, identified by their number in the Corpus of the Querelle.

Use the menu icon in the top right to speed up or slow down the visualisation.

Nodes (circles) are coloured according to author category:

-- Yellow: periodical

-- Blue: individual author, or group of authors, not writing in the name of an institution or periodical

-- Purple: authorities or institutions (e.g. an académie, a parlement)

Ties (arrows) are coloured according to the type of reference:

-- Red: negative reference

-- Green: positive reference

-- Amber: ambivalent reference

-- Grey: a reference that is either neutral, or a sequel, or a republication

-- Black: a response to a 'catalyst text' that encouraged participation in the Querelle

For further detail about these tie-types, see Appendices (p.260, and available on this site)

For full information about the data that feeds into these network visualisation, how the latter were created, and the algorithms they use, see Appendices (p.255-63, and available on this site).

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